Climate Changing Agriculture

Climate Changing Agriculture

International Conference

29 August – 2 September, 2017


“Dear Colleagues,
During the past year, a group of devoted people worked hard and with great
enthusiasm to prepare this event and welcome you in Chania, Greece for the
International Conference “Climate Changing Agriculture”. On behalf of all involved
team mates I would like to express my pleasure for meeting you, having the chance to
be informed of your research achievements and exchange views for climate change
mitigation and adaptation.
This international conference is one of the final deliverables of oLIVE-CLIMA
project. The oLIVE-CLIMA project (LIFE 11 ENV/GR/942), “Introduction of new
oLIVE crop management practices focused on CLIMAte change mitigation and
adaptation” (oLIVE-CLIMA) is funded by 50% by the financial instrument Life + of
the European Union and has a total budget of 3.649.373 € (EU contribution 1.822.436
€). It was launched in October 2012 and will be completed in September 2017. The
project partners are the following: Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s
Local Authorities-ANATOLIKI S.A., Institute for Olive Tree, Subtropical Crops and
Viticulture HAO DEMETER, Department of Soil Science of Athens HAO
DEMETER, Soil and Water Resources Institute Former Land Reclamation Institute
HAO DEMETER, University of Basilicata, Rodax Agro E.P.E., AGROTYPOS S.A.,
NILEAS Farmers Group, Agricultural Cooperatives of Peza, Agricultural
Cooperatives of Mirabello.
This edition contains papers presented in the conference following peer review and
selection between a larger pool of submitted research works.
Many thanks to the LIFE programme for funding as well as all the involved
institutions for co-funding and hard work. We wish you all a fruitful participation in
the conference and a pleasant stay in Chania.
Kind regards,
Dr. Georgios Koubouris ”

Climate Changing Agriculture – International Conference