One day training for womenfolks – Sustainable Agriculture Water Management

Investment in human resources is an indispensable component of social and economic development. The full development potential of a nation can never be achieved if its human resource is not effectively harnessed. It is a widely accepted reality that effective utilization of a country’s human resource requires, that both sexes share equally in the developmental effort and in the distribution of benefits. The total population generally comprises of males and females so the exclusion of women from equal participation, represents a drastic loss of human potential. The issue of women and development has assumed increasingly important dimensions in the field of economic planning and development. As women constitute a big portion of poor and disadvantages groups, any policy of poverty reduction necessarily involve the uplift and participation of. For this purpose, SAWaM-PAK has organized a ONE DAY TRAINING FOR WOMENFOLKS on Sustainable Agriculture Water Management at the PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi.


Womenfolks Invitation


Activities carried out in June 2018

Training for Womenfolk on Sustainable Agriculture Water Management

Training on Sustainable Agriculture Water Management for Women folk was organized on June 01, 2018. Women Researchers, Teacher and students from five different Research institutes/Universities participated.