Activities carried out in March and April 2018

Activity 1: Formation of Half-moon and Furrows with a reversible plough

Half-moon and furrows on farm water harvesting system were established at University Research Farm Koont. Comparison for socio economic impact were made. Time and cost were calculated to make these systems.

Activity 2: Plantation

Olive and sweet lime were planted in the field. Olive were planted at 5 m distance from each other and sweet lime were planted at 7 m plant to plant distance.

Activity 3: Farmer day Organized

Farmer day was organized on April 03, 2018. Approximately 50 people from Farmer community and field Assistant of Research Institutes were participated.

Activity 4: Training at Sargodha

Training on water harvesting techniques were organized on April 05, 2018. About 70 participants from academia, students and farmers were participated. They were trained for on farm water harvesting techniques.

Activity 5: Course Development

Course contents of the water harvesting related activities were finalized and will be presented in next academic council of the meeting for approval.